Spider vs Eagle - What's the difference?

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As a noun spider

is any of various eight-legged, predatory arthropods, of the order araneae , most of which spin webs to catch prey.

As a verb spider

is (internet|of a computer program) to follow links on the world wide web in order to gather information.

As a proper noun eagle is

the landing unit of apollo 11 or eagle can be a city in alaska.




(en noun)
  • Any of various eight-legged, predatory arthropods, of the order Araneae , most of which spin webs to catch prey.
  • (Internet) A program which follows links on the World Wide Web in order to gather information.
  • (chiefly, Australia, and, New Zealand) A float (drink) made by mixing ice-cream and a soda or fizzy drink (such as lemonade).
  • * 2002', Katharine Gasparini, ''Cranberry and vanilla ice cream '''spider'' , recipe in ''Cool Food , page 339.
  • (slang) A spindly person.
  • (slang) A man who persistently approaches or accosts a woman in a public social setting, particularly in a bar.
  • (snooker, billiards) A stick with a convex arch-shaped notched head used to support the cue when the cue ball is out of reach at normal extension; a bridge.
  • (cookware, US, UK, historical) A cast-iron frying pan with three legs, once common in open-hearth cookery.
  • * 1846 , Mary Hooker Cornelius, The Young Housekeeper's Friend , page 146, recipe 28 “To fry salt pork”:
  • Cut slices and lay them in cold water in the spider'; boil them up two or three minutes, then pour off the water and set the ' spider again on the coals and brown the slices on each side.
  • * 2005 , Marty Davidson, Grandma Grace's Southern Favorites , recipe for “strawberry coconuts”, Rutledge Hill Press, ISBN 1-4016-0219-3, page 193:
  • In spider pan or deep skillet set over hot coals, quickly fry a few at a time in deep lard until brown.
  • * 2008 , Corona Club (San Francisco, California), Corona Club Cook Book , page 202,
  • Melt ½ the dry sugar in the spider , stirring with knife until all is melted.
  • (cookware) Implement for moving food in and out of hot oil for deep frying, with a circular metal mesh attached to a long handle.
  • * 1996 , City and Guilds of London Institute, Food preparation and cooking. Cookery units. Student guide. , Stanley Thornes, ISBN 0-7487-2566-0, unit 2ND5, element 2, page 157:
  • If you are deep-frying your falafel, use a spider or basket to place them gently into the hot oil, which should be preheated to a temperature of 175°C (330°F).
  • * 2008 , Anna Kasabian and David Kasabian, The Wild Fish Cookbook , Creative Publishing International, ISBN 1-58923-317-4, page 84:
  • Consider investing in a frying basket or a spider' for small amounts of fish. A ' spider looks like a metal web and has a long handle and can lower and raise fish from the hot oil.
  • A part of a crank, to which the chainrings are attached
  • (slang) Heroin (street drug).
  • (music) Part of a resonator instrument that transmits string vibrations from the bridge to a resonator cone at multiple points.
  • A skeleton or frame with radiating arms or members, often connected by crosspieces, such as a casting forming the hub and spokes to which the rim of a fly wheel or large gear is bolted; the body of a piston head; or a frame for strengthening a core or mould for a casting.
  • Derived terms

    * (assassin spider) * (coconut spider) * (pelican spider) * spiderdom * spidership * spidery


    (en verb)
  • (Internet, of a computer program) to follow links on the World Wide Web in order to gather information.
  • ''The online dictionary is regularly spidered by search engines.

    Derived terms

    * Web spidering

    See also

    * arachnid * (wikipedia)


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    (en noun)
  • Any of several large carnivorous and carrion-eating birds in the family Accipitridae, having a powerful hooked bill and keen vision.
  • (heraldiccharge) A representation of such a bird carried as an emblem, e.g. on a coat of arms.
  • (US, currency) A gold coin with a face value of $10.00 formerly used in the United States.
  • (golf) A score of two under par for a hole.
  • Derived terms

    (terms derived from the carnivorous bird) * American eagle * bald eagle * eagle-eye, eagle-eyed * eaglehawk * eagle owl * Eagle Scout * eaglestone * eaglet * fish eagle * golden eagle * Haast's eagle * Philippine eagle * (red-backed sea-eagle) * sea eagle * spread eagle * wedge-tailed eagle * (white-bellied sea eagle) * (white-breasted sea eagle) * white-tailed eagle * double eagle * half eagle


    * (Accipitridae) erne, broadwing


  • (golf) To score an eagle.
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