Instrument vs Dulcian - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between instrument and dulcian

is that instrument is while dulcian is (musical instruments) a renaissance bass woodwind instrument, with a double reed and a folded conical bore.



(en noun)
  • A device used to produce music.
  • The violinist was a master of her instrument .
  • A means or agency for achieving an effect.
  • * {{quote-book, year=1905, author=
  • , title= , chapter=1 citation , passage=“There the cause of death was soon ascertained?; the victim of this daring outrage had been stabbed to death from ear to ear with a long, sharp instrument , in shape like an antique stiletto, which […] was subsequently found under the cushions of the hansom. […]”}}
  • A measuring or displaying device.
  • The instrument detected an increase in radioactivity.
  • A tool, implement used for manipulation or measurement.
  • The dentist set down his tray of instruments'''.'' The scientist recorded the temperature with a thermometer but wished he had a more accurate ' instrument ."
  • (legal) A legal document, such as a contract, deed, trust, mortgage, power, indenture, or will.
  • A bond indenture is the instrument that gives a bond its value.
    Negotiable instruments are the foundation of the debt markets.
  • (figuratively) A person used as a mere tool for achieving a goal.
  • * Shakespeare
  • Or useful serving man and instrument , / To any sovereign state.
  • * Dryden
  • The bold are but the instruments of the wise.


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    Derived terms

    * blunt instrument * debt instrument * derivative instrument * financial instrument * instrumentation * instrumental * instrumentive * measuring instrument * musical instrument * negotiable instrument * writing instrument


    (en verb)
  • To apply measuring devices.
  • To devise, conceive, cook up, plan.
  • To perform upon an instrument; to prepare for an instrument.
  • a sonata instrumented for orchestra


    * (to apply measuring devices) measure, supervise * * (to perform on an instrument) play * (to prepare for an instrument) arrange

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    * instrumental


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    (wikipedia dulcian) (en noun)
  • (musical instruments) A Renaissance bass woodwind instrument, with a double reed and a folded conical bore
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