Liege vs Duke - What's the difference?

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As a noun liege

is daybed.

As a verb duke is

to plunge, dive.




(en noun)
  • A free and independent person; specifically, a lord paramount; a sovereign.
  • The subject of a sovereign or lord; a liegeman.
  • Adjective

  • Sovereign; independent; having authority or right to allegiance.
  • a liege lord
  • * Tennyson
  • She looked as grand as doomsday and as grave; / And he, he reverenced his liege lady there.
  • Serving an independent sovereign or master; bound by a feudal tenure; obliged to be faithful and loyal to a superior, as a vassal to his lord; faithful; loyal.
  • a liege''' man; a '''liege subject
  • (obsolete, legal) Full; perfect; complete; pure.
  • (Burrill)



    (wikipedia duke)


    (en noun)
  • The male ruler of a duchy (compare duchess ).
  • A high title of nobility; the male holder of a dukedom.
  • A grand duke.
  • (slang, usually in plural) A fist.
  • Put up your dukes !
    This is thought to be derived from where Duke(s) of York = Fork. Fork is itself cockney slang for hand, and thus fist.


    * nobility

    Coordinate terms

    * prince, monarch, baron, count, countess, earl, marquess, marquis, viscount

    Derived terms

    * archduke * duke it out * dukedom * grand duke * put up one's dukes


  • To hit or beat with the fists.
  • * {{quote-book, 2003, John A. Dinan, Private Eyes in the Comics, isbn=159393002X, pageurl=, page=65
  • , passage=It seems that PI Rainer was duked by his wife

    Derived terms

    * duke it out * duke it * duke out * duke up * duke in ----