Droplet vs Drip - What's the difference?

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Droplet is a related term of drip.

As nouns the difference between droplet and drip

is that droplet is a very small drop while drip is a drop of a liquid.

As a verb drip is

to fall one drop at a time.

As an acronym drip is

(finance) dividend reinvestment program; a type of financial investing.



(en noun)
  • A very small drop.
  • Derived terms

    * droplet infection



    (wikipedia drip)


  • To fall one drop at a time.
  • To leak slowly.
  • To let fall in drops.
  • * (Jonathan Swift)
  • Which from the thatch drips fast a shower of rain.
  • * , chapter=8
  • , title= Mr. Pratt's Patients , passage=Philander went into the next room
  • To have a superabundance of valuable things.
  • (of the weather) To rain lightly.
  • To be wet, to be soaked.
  • Derived terms

    * dripper


    (en noun)
  • A drop of a liquid.
  • I put a drip of vanilla extract in my hot cocoa.
  • (medicine) An apparatus that slowly releases a liquid, especially one that releases drugs into a patient's bloodstream (an intravenous drip).
  • He's not doing so well. The doctors have put him on a drip .
  • (colloquial) A limp, ineffectual, boring or otherwise uninteresting person.
  • He couldn't even summon up the courage to ask her name... what a drip !
  • A falling or letting fall in drops; act of dripping.
  • * Byron
  • the light drip of the suspended oar
  • (architecture) That part of a cornice, sill course, or other horizontal member, which projects beyond the rest, and has a section designed to throw off rainwater.
  • Derived terms



    (Acronym) (head)
  • (finance) Dividend reinvestment program; a type of financial investing