Software vs Dreamware - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between software and dreamware

is that software is software while dreamware is (rare) things dreamed of; fictions or fantasies.




  • (computing) Encoded computer instructions, usually modifiable (unless stored in some form of unalterable memory such as ROM). Compare hardware.
  • * 1958 , John W. Tukey, "The Teaching of Concrete Mathematics" in The American Mathematical Monthly , vol. 65, no. 1 (Jan. 1958), pp 1-9:
  • The "software " comprising the carefully planned interpretive routines, compilers, and other aspects of automative programming are at least as important to the modern electronic calculator as its "hardware" of tubes, transistors, wires, tapes and the like.
  • * 1995 , Paul Niquette, Softword: Provenance for the Word ‘Software’ :
  • As originally conceived, the word "software " was merely an obvious way to distinguish a program from the computer itself. A program comprised sequences of changeable instructions each having the power to command the behavior of the permanently crafted machinery, the "hardware."

    Usage notes

    Software'' is a mass noun (''some software'', ''a piece of software''). By non-native speakers it is sometimes erroneously treated as a countable noun (''a software'', ''some softwares ).


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    * application * assembly * assembler * bug * code * coding * compilation * compiler * debugging * interpreter * linking * linker * open source * patch * programming * script * utilities * warez






  • (rare) Things dreamed of; fictions or fantasies.
  • * 1901 , Paulist Fathers, Catholic World
  • No use talking, I'm an unpractical, useless dealer in dreamware ; a metaphysician who don't know how to fry an egg...
  • * 1994 , William Corbett, Philip Guston's late work
  • The painting could serve as a sign over a shop selling dreamware . Legend erases the line between conscious and unconscious.
  • * 2008 , Skip Moen, Spiritual Restoration
  • So much of our contemporary theological dreamware is about escape. We long for heaven. We fix our eyes on the other world. We want out!
  • (computing, rare) Speculative software products that may never reach fruition; vapourware.
  • * 1989 , Visual Resources Association, Bulletin
  • ...the author is surprised to find so few imaging projects actually using CD-ROM. He attributes this to the "wait and see" attitude of potential users who are holding out for new "dreamware" products which do not exist yet.
  • * 1989 , Information Access Company, Datamation
  • Independently pursuing his interest in metasoftware, Vinci has defined several basic modules and created some actual models of his dreamware .
  • * 1999 , Jessica Keyes, Internet Management
  • You could create problems for your company if you downplay current products and hype the dreamware that may never become reality.