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Blowout vs Drained - What's the difference?

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As a noun blowout

is a sudden puncturing of a pneumatic tyre / tire.

As an adjective drained is

lacking motivation and energy; very tired; knackered.

As a verb drained is





(en noun)
  • a sudden puncturing of a pneumatic tyre / tire
  • a sudden release of oil and gas from a well
  • a social function, especially one with large quantities of food
  • (slang, sports) A sporting contest that is decidedly one-sided and whose outcome is no longer in doubt. Often occurs when one team is superior to the other.
  • The game between the two teams was nothing but a blowout .
  • (geology) A sandy depression in a sand dune ecosystem caused by the removal of sediments by wind.
  • (AU) an extreme and unexpected increase in costs, such as in government estimates for a project.
  • The cleaning of the flues of a boiler from scale, etc., by a blast of steam.
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    (en adjective)
  • Lacking motivation and energy; very tired; knackered.
  • I felt so drained after the 3 hours exam, that I wanted to sleep for the next week
  • Of a battery, empty of charge; discharged.
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