Denote vs Downgrade - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between denote and downgrade

is that denote is while downgrade is to place lower in position.

As a noun downgrade is

a reduction of a rating, as a financial or credit rating.




  • To indicate; to mark.
  • The yellow blazes denote the trail.
  • To make overt.
  • The tears denoted her true feelings.
  • To refer to literally; to convey meaning.
  • "Pre-" denotes "before."

    Derived terms

    * denotation * denotative ----




    (en noun)
  • A reduction of a rating, as a financial or credit rating.
  • Verb

  • To place lower in position.
  • The stock was downgraded from 'buy' to 'sell'.
  • To 'dumb down', reduce in complexity, or remove unnecessary parts.
  • *{{quote-news
  • , year=2012 , date=June 26 , author=Genevieve Koski , title=Music: Reviews: Justin Bieber: Believe , work=The Onion AV Club citation , page= , passage=More significantly, rigid deference to Bieber’s still-young core fan base keeps things resolutely PG, with any acknowledgement of sex either couched in vague “touch your body” workarounds or downgraded to desirous hand-holding and eye-gazing. }}
  • (meteorology) to reduce the official estimate of a storm's intensity.
  • (computing) To revert software back to an older version.
  • Synonyms

    * degrade * demote * defame * reduce * revert * ruin