Slattern vs Dowd - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between slattern and dowd

is that slattern is a slut, a sexually promiscuous woman while dowd is a dowdy person, especially a woman; a frump.




(en noun)
  • A slut, a sexually promiscuous woman.
  • (dated) A dirty and untidy woman.
  • * 1809 , Noah Webster, Esq., An American Selection of Lessons in Reading and Speaking: Calculated to Improve the Minds and Refine the Taste of Youth, to Which are Prefixed Rules in Elocution and Directions for Expressing the Principal Passions of the Mind , p24
  • 3. Cookery is familiar to her, with the price and quality of provisions; and she is a ready accountant. Her chief view, however, is to serve her mother and lighten her cares. She holds cleanliness and neetness to be indispensable in a woman; and that a slattern is disgusting, especially if beautiful.
  • * 1868' September 17, Lizzie Leavenworth, ''??'''Slattern''' Genius??''; quoted in '''2001 by Anne Russo and Cherise Kramarae in ''The Radical Women’s Press of the 1850s , page 202:
  • How many times I have heard a woman called a slattern , because she could not keep a house in order, when had she been allowed to write out her sublime thoughts, which were all in another direction, she would have astonished the world with her genius.
  • * 1933 , Noel Coward, Private Lives: an Intimate Comedy in Three Acts , Act 3:
  • AMANDA: I’ve been brought up to believe that it’s beyond the pale, for a man to strike a woman.
    ELYOT: A very poor tradition. Certain women should be struck regularly, like gongs.
    AMANDA: You’re an unmitigated cad, and a bully.
    ELYOT: And you’re an ill-mannered, bad tempered slattern .
    AMANDA (loudly) Slattern indeed.
    ELYOT: Yes, slattern', '''slattern''', ' slattern , and fishwife.
    VICTOR: Keep your mouth shut, you swine.


    * See * (untidy woman) moggy (archaic)

    Derived terms

    * slatternliness * slatternly





    (en noun)
  • (lb) A dowdy person, especially a woman; a frump.
  • * 1913 , Henry Sydnor Harrison, V. V.'s Eyes , Chapter XI:
  • He, of course, was only an unbalanced religious fanatic, whose opinions were not of the slightest consequence to anybody, whom everybody seemed to take a dislike to at sight (except ignorant paupers like the Cooneys), and whose ideal type of girl would probably be some hideous dowd , a slum-worker, a Salvation Army lassie, perhaps.
  • * 1915 , James Branch Cabell, The Rivet in Grandfather's Neck , Chapter II:
  • "You wouldn't have me a dowd , Olaf?" said she, demurely. "I have to be neat and tidy, you know. You wouldn't have me going about in a continuous state of unbuttonedness and black bombazine like Mrs. Rabbet, would you?"
  • * 1920 , May Edginton, Married Life, or The True Romance , Chapter XVI:
  • Marie was still away upon her trail. "I don't really let myself go as much as you might think. I'm always dressed for breakfast, if I've been up half the night; I don't allow myself to be slovenly. And however I've had to hurry over putting the children to bed, and cooking dinner and things, I always change my blouse and put on my best slippers before Osborn comes in. I feel—at home I feel as if I look quite nice; but when I come out of it"—she indicated her surroundings—"I realise I'm just a dowd who's fast losing what looks she had. When I come out, and see others, I—I know I can't compete. It makes you almost afraid to come out. And Osborn—while I'm at home, plodding along, you see, he's out, seeing the others all the time. He sees them in the restaurants, and they pass him in the street—girls as I used to be."
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