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As a noun hoper

is one who hopes.

As a verb doper is


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(en noun)
  • One who hopes.
  • (Swift)




    (en noun)
  • (pejorative) One who uses performance enhancing substances for competitive gain, especially illegally.
  • * 2003: Sam "I can't even explain what I'm feeling right now," says CLark in rec.skiing.snowboard
  • Would you care to point to some proof other than the Canuck's positive back in Nagano? If you are using that as a basis then all sports would be riddled with "dopers " especially XC skiing.
  • * 2006: Matt Seaton, Tour de farce , Guardian Unlimited
  • ...the testers are always in a race with the dopers and usually playing catch-up.
  • (pejorative) One who frequently uses recreational drugs; a druggie; a stoner.
  • * 2003: Lt. John Hadily, ICE DESTROYS LIVES-TPD DOPERS IN DENIAL in talk.politics.drugs
  • I will keep posting the fact that if you possess drugs where I am employed and you are caught I'll throw your sorry ass in a cage where the dopers belong.
  • * 2006: Gene Seymour, Clerks II , Newsday
  • With the Kwik-Mart leveled by fire, Dante and Randal's professional aspirations take a southerly route to a Mooby's fast-food restaurant where dopey dopers Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Smith) have followed with their boombox and illicit activities.
  • * 2006: , Anthony Cormier, Father: 'We're here to find her body' , HeradTribune.com
  • Tamara Toy was a blue-eyed daughter of a preacher, growing up good and God-fearing but eventually getting lost along the way, falling in with dopers and felons and a petty crook who stole her heart.
  • (obsolete) A person employed to apply dope solution during aircraft manufacture.
  • Adjective

  • (dope)
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