Being vs Done - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between being and done

is that being is present participle of lang=en while done is past participle of lang=en.

As a noun being

is a living creature.

As a conjunction being

is given that; since.

As an adjective done is

ready, fully cooked.




  • Noun

    (en noun)
  • A living creature.
  • The state or fact of existence, consciousness, or life, or something in such a state.
  • * Shakespeare
  • Claudius, thou / Wast follower of his fortunes in his being .
  • (philosophy) That which has actuality (materially or in concept).
  • (philosophy) One's basic nature, or the qualities thereof; essence or personality.
  • (obsolete) An abode; a cottage.
  • (Wright)
  • * Steele
  • It was a relief to dismiss them [Sir Roger's servants] into little beings within my manor.

    Derived terms

    * beingdom * beingful * beinghood * beingless * beingness * (noun ) human being


    (English Conjunctions)
  • (obsolete) Given that; since.
  • *, New York Review Books 2001, p.280:
  • ’Tis a hard matter therefore to confine them, being they are so various and many […].

    Derived terms

    * being that


    * * * *

    See also

    * am * are * is * art * be * been * beest * was * wast * were * wert






    (en adjective)
  • (of food) Ready, fully cooked.
  • As soon as the potatoes are done we can sit down and eat.
  • In a state of having completed or finished an activity.
  • He pushed his empty plate away, sighed and pronounced "I am done ."
    They were done playing and were picking up the toys when he arrived.
  • Being exhausted or fully spent.
  • When the water is done we will only be able to go on for a few days.
  • Without hope or prospect of completion or success.
  • He is done , after three falls there is no chance he will be able to finish.
  • Fashionable, socially acceptable, tasteful.
  • I can't believe he just walked up and spoke to her like that, those kind of things just aren't done !
    What is the done thing these days? I can't keep up!

    Derived terms

    * be done for * be done with it * done deal * get done for * overdone * well done


  • I have ''done'' my work.
  • (African American Vernacular English, Southern American English, auxiliary verb, taking a past tense) Used in forming the perfective aspect.
  • I done did my best to raise y'all.