Domiciliate vs Domicile - What's the difference?

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Domiciliate is a related term of domicile.

As verbs the difference between domiciliate and domicile

is that domiciliate is to establish a permanent residence while domicile is to have a domicile in a particular place.

As a noun domicile is

(formal) a home or residence.




  • To establish a permanent residence.
  • To establish a permanent residence for (someone).
  • (figuratively) To settle (oneself) into a mode of thinking or the like.
  • Usage notes

    * The figurative sense is most often used with (himself) or a similar pronoun as its object.



    Alternative forms

    * (archaic)


    (en noun)
  • (formal) A home or residence.
  • The call to jury duty was sent to my legal domicile ; too bad I was on vacation at the time.
  • (legal) A residence at a particular place accompanied with an intention to remain there for an unlimited time; a residence accepted as a final abode.
  • (Wharton)


  • To have a domicile in a particular place.
  • The answer depends on in which state he was domiciled at his death.