Notify vs Distribute - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between notify and distribute

is that notify is to give (someone) notice of (something) while distribute is (senseid)to divide into portions and dispense.




  • To give (someone) notice of (something).
  • Synonyms

    * apprise * inform




  • (senseid)To divide into portions and dispense.
  • He distributed the bread amongst his followers.
  • (senseid)To supply to retail outlets.
  • The agency distributes newspapers to local shops.
  • (senseid)To deliver or pass out.
  • A network of children distributes flyers to every house.
  • (senseid)To scatter or spread.
  • I raked the soil then distributed grass seed.
  • (senseid)To apportion (more or less evenly).
  • The robot's six legs distributed its weight over a wide area.
  • (senseid)To classify or separate into categories.
  • The database distributed verbs into transitive and intransitive segments.
  • (senseid)(mathematics) To be distributive.
  • (printing) To separate (type which has been used) and return it to the proper boxes in the cases.
  • (printing) To spread (ink) evenly, as upon a roller or a table.
  • (logic) To employ (a term) in its whole extent; to take as universal in one premise.
  • * Whately
  • A term is said to be distributed when it is taken universal, so as to stand for everything it is capable of being applied to.

    Derived terms

    * distributable * distribution * distributionism * distributism * distributivism * distributivity * distributor