Sales vs Discount - What's the difference?

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As a verb sales

is .

As a noun discount is

discount (reduction in price).




(en-plural noun)
  • The activities involved in selling goods or services.
  • The amount or value of goods and services sold.
  • Usage notes

    * Often used attributively.


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    (en verb)
  • To deduct from an account, debt, charge, and the like; to make an abatement of.
  • Merchants sometimes discount five or six per cent for prompt payment of bills.
  • To lend money upon, deducting the discount or allowance for interest; as, the banks discount notes and bills of exchange.
  • * Walsh
  • Discount only unexceptionable paper.
  • To take into consideration beforehand; to anticipate and form conclusions concerning (an event).
  • To leave out of account; to take no notice of.
  • * Sir William Hamilton
  • Of the three opinions, (I discount Brown's), under this head, one supposes that the law of Causality is a positive affirmation, and a primary fact of thought, incapable of all further analysis.
  • :They discounted his comments.
  • To lend, or make a practice of lending, money, abating the discount; as, the discount for sixty or ninety days.
  • Noun

    (en noun)
  • A reduction in price.
  • A deduction made for interest, in advancing money upon, or purchasing, a bill or note not due; payment in advance of interest upon money.
  • The rate of interest charged in discounting.
  • Synonyms

    * (reduction in price) rebate, reduction


    * surcharge

    Derived terms

    * quantity discount * rediscount * seasonal discount


    * German:


  • Of goods, available at reduced prices; discounted.
  • This store specializes in discount wares.
  • Of a store, specializing in goods at reduced prices.
  • If you're looking for cheap clothes, there's a discount clothier around the corner.


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