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As nouns the difference between ripper and dipper

is that ripper is something that rips (something else) or ripper can be (obsolete) one who brings fish from the seacoast to markets in inland towns while dipper is (canada|politics|informal) a member or supporter of the canadian new democratic party.

As a proper noun dipper is

(astronomy) a chinese constellation located near sagittarius, one of the 28 lunar mansions and part of the larger black turtle.

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Etymology 1

; originated 1605–15.


(en noun)
  • Something that rips (something else).
  • Someone who rips (something).
  • A legislative bill or act that transfers powers of appointment from the usual holders to a chief executive or a board of officials.
  • A murderer who kills and often mutilates victims with a blade or similar sharp weapon.
  • (mining) A hook-like tool used to tear away ore, rock, etc.
  • (British, AU, slang) Something that is an excellent example of its kind.
  • * 2001 , Filton Hebbard, Memories of Kalgoorlie: Tales from the Australian Outback (page 334)
  • Martin walked around the vehicle, viewing it from all angles and giggling as he did so. “She's a ripper , Bert, a real ripper!”
  • (computing) Software that extracts content from files or storage media.
  • (agriculture) A tool or plant used to reduce soil compaction.
  • A hot dog deep-fried in oil until the casing bursts.
  • Derived terms
    * radish ripper
    * * *

    Etymology 2

    Compare .

    Alternative forms

    * ripler


    (en noun)
  • (obsolete) One who brings fish from the seacoast to markets in inland towns.
  • * Beaumont and Fletcher
  • But what's the action we are for now? Robbing a ripper of his fish.
    (Webster 1913) English agent nouns



    (wikipedia dipper)


    (en noun)
  • Any of various small passerine birds of the genus Cinclus that live near fast-flowing streams and feed along the bottom.
  • A cup-shaped vessel with a long handle, for dipping out liquids.
  • (slang) pickpocket
  • Hyponyms

    * (Cinclus)

    Derived terms

    ;birds of the genus Cinclus * * * * * ;cup-shaped vessel with a handle * Big Dipper * Little Dipper