Dinner vs Diner - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between dinner and diner

is that dinner is the main meal of the day, often eaten in the evening while diner is agent noun of dine; one who dines; one who eats a meal, especially dinner.



(wikipedia dinner)


  • A midday meal (in a context in which the evening meal is called supper or tea).
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  • *:At twilight in the summeron the floor.
  • The main meal of the day, often eaten in the evening.
  • An evening meal.
  • A meal given to an animal.
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  • A formal meal for many people eaten for a special occasion.
  • *{{quote-book, year=1897, author=
  • , title=(The Celebrity), chapter=1 citation , passage=When I gave a dinner there was generally a cover laid for him. I liked the man for his own sake, and even had he promised to turn out a celebrity it would have had no weight with me.}}
  • *{{quote-book, year=1927, author= F. E. Penny
  • , chapter=4, title= Pulling the Strings , passage=Soon after the arrival of Mrs. Campbell, dinner was announced by Abboye. He came into the drawing room resplendent in his gold-and-white turban. […] His cummerbund matched the turban in gold lines.}}
  • (lb) The food provided or consumed at any such meal.
  • Usage notes

    * There are differences in usage according to the social class of the speaker. Working-class and lower-middle-class speakers in Britain, for example, are more likely to refer to the midday meal as "dinner" and the evening meal as "tea" rather than "supper". Some speakers use common collocations of dinner'' such as ''school dinner'', ''Sunday dinner'' and ''Christmas dinner'' to describe meals that they wouldn't otherwise call a ''dinner .


    * (an evening meal) supper * (meal given to an animal) chow * (midday meal) lunch, luncheon * (formal meal for many people eaten at a special occasion) banquet, luncheon

    Derived terms

    * after-dinner speech * after-dinner * basket dinner * Christmas dinner * dinner dance * dinner fork * dinner guest * dinner jacket * dinner knife * dinner lady * dinner party * dinner plate * dinner ring * dinner roll * dinner service * dinner table * dinner time * dinnerware * done up like a dog's dinner * potluck dinner * school dinner * Sunday dinner * TV dinner






    (wikipedia diner) (en noun)
  • One who dines, an eater.
  • *{{quote-book, year=1922, author=(Ben Travers)
  • , chapter=5, title= A Cuckoo in the Nest , passage=The most rapid and most seductive transition in all human nature is that which attends the palliation of a ravenous appetite.
  • * (Calvin Trillin) (1935-)
  • When it comes to Chinese food I have always operated under the policy that the less known about the preparation the better. A wise diner who is invited to visit the kitchen replies by saying, as politely as possible, that he has a pressing engagement elsewhere.
  • A dining car in a railroad train.
  • * Richard Gutman
  • The diner is everybody's kitchen.
  • A typically small restaurant, usually modeled after a railroad dining car, that serves lower-class fare, normally having a counter with stools along one side and booths on the other, and often decorated in pop culture themes and playing popular music from those decades.
  • Synonyms

    * (rail car) dining car * (sense) pub


    * (expert) deipnosophist