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As a verb dimit

is (obsolete) to dismiss, let go, or release.

As a proper noun dimity is


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  • (obsolete) To dismiss, let go, or release.
  • (Webster 1913)



    (wikipedia dimity)


  • * 1717 , T. Williams, The Accomplished Housekeeper, and Universal Cook , page 134,
  • Strain the ?oup through a piece of dimity into a clean ?aucepan, and let it ?tew till it is of the thickne?s of cream.
  • * 1831 , John Murphy, A Treatise on the Art of Weaving , Glasgow, page 42,
  • The first of these tweels, in respect to the number of leaves, is the dimity cord, which is merely the three leafed tweel turned, a plan of which is subjoined, both for cording and treading.
  • * 1840 , "A Lady", The Workwoman's Guide , page 42,
  • The drapery should always be perfectly white, of dimity , twilled muslin, or other neat strong material.
  • * 2009 Fall, Rabbit Goody, Jill Mancy, Interiors: Bug Bars & Slipcovers'', ''Early Homes , page 20,
  • Period slipcovers were typically made of linen and cotton, in woven checks or striped dimities .