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As nouns the difference between sphere and dimension

is that sphere is sphere while dimension is dimension.

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(wikipedia sphere)

Alternative forms

* (archaic) * sphear (archaic)


(en noun)
  • (mathematics) A regular three-dimensional object in which every cross-section is a circle; the figure described by the revolution of a circle about its diameter .
  • A spherical physical object; a globe or ball.
  • * Milton
  • Of celestial bodies, first the sun, / A mighty sphere , he framed.
  • * 2011 , Piers Sellers, The Guardian , 6 July:
  • So your orientation changes a little bit but it sinks in that the world is a sphere , and you're going around it, sometimes under it, sideways, or over it.
  • * 1635 , John Donne, "His parting form her":
  • Though cold and darkness longer hang somewhere, / Yet Phoebus equally lights all the Sphere .
  • (historical, astronomy, mythology) Any of the concentric hollow transparent globes formerly believed to rotate around the Earth, and which carried the heavenly bodies; there were originally believed to be eight, and later nine and ten; friction between them was thought to cause a harmonious sound (the music of the spheres ).
  • *, vol.1, p.153:
  • It is more simplicitie to teach our children[t]he knowledge of the starres, and the motion of the eighth spheare , before their owne.
  • * 1646 , (Thomas Browne), Pseudodoxia Epidemica , I.6:
  • They understood not the motion of the eighth sphear from West to East, and so conceived the longitude of the Stars invariable.
  • (mythology) An area of activity for a planet; or by extension, an area of influence for a god, hero etc.
  • (figuratively) The region in which something or someone is active; one's province, domain.
  • * 1946 , (Bertrand Russell), History of Western Philosophy , I.20:
  • They thought – originally on grounds derived from religion – that each thing or person had its or his proper sphere , to overstep which is ‘unjust’.
  • (geometry) The set of all points in three-dimensional Euclidean space (or n -dimensional space, in topology) that are a fixed distance from a fixed point .
  • (logic) The extension of a general conception, or the totality of the individuals or species to which it may be applied.
  • Synonyms

    * (object) ball, globe, orb * (region of activity) area, domain, field, orbit, sector * (in geometry) (''topology ) * See celestial sphere * See celestial body

    Derived terms

    * blogosphere * sphere of influence * sphere of interest

    See also

    * ball (in topology ) * Mathworld article on the sphere *


  • To place in a sphere, or among the spheres; to ensphere.
  • * Shakespeare
  • The glorious planet Sol / In noble eminence enthroned and sphered / Amidst the other.
  • To make round or spherical; to perfect.
  • (Tennyson)
    (Webster 1913)


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    (en noun)
  • A single aspect of a given thing.
  • A measure of spatial extent in a particular direction, such as height, width or breadth, or depth.
  • * {{quote-magazine, date=2012-01
  • , author=Robert L. Dorit , title=Rereading Darwin , volume=100, issue=1, page=23 , magazine= citation , passage=We live our lives in three dimensions for our threescore and ten allotted years. Yet every branch of contemporary science, from statistics to cosmology, alludes to processes that operate on scales outside of human experience: the millisecond and the nanometer, the eon and the light-year.}}
  • A construct whereby objects or individuals can be distinguished.
  • (geometry) The number of independent coordinates needed to specify uniquely the location of a point in a space; also, any of such independent coordinates.
  • (linear algebra) The number of elements of any basis of a vector space.
  • (physics) One of the physical properties that are regarded as fundamental measures of a physical quantity, such as mass, length and time.
  • The dimension of velocity is length divided by time.
  • (computing) Any of the independent ranges of indices in a multidimensional array.
  • (science fiction, fantasy) An alternative universe or plane of existence.
  • Synonyms

    * (single aspect of a thing ): aspect * (measure of spatial extent ): magnitude, proportion, size, scope * (construct whereby objects or individuals can be distinguished ): attribute, property

    Derived terms

    * * * * correlation dimension * dimensional * dimensional analysis * dimensional shingle * exterior dimension * four-dimensional * fourth dimension * fractal dimension * Hamel dimension * Hausdorff dimension * information dimension * isoperimetric dimension * Kaplan-Yorke dimension * Krull dimension * Lebesgue covering dimension * Lyapunov dimension * multidimensional * one-dimensional * pointwise dimension * poset dimension * q-dimension * third dimension * three-dimensional * transdimensional


    (en verb)
  • To mark, cut or shape something to specified dimensions.