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As an initialism steam

is .

As a noun diesel is

diesel fuel.

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(wikipedia steam)


  • The vapor formed when water changes from liquid phase to gas phase.
  • Pressurized water vapour used for heating, cooking, or to provide mechanical energy.
  • (figuratively) Internal energy for motive power.
  • After three weeks in bed he was finally able to sit up under his own steam .
  • (figuratively) Pent-up anger.
  • Dad had to go outside to blow off some steam .
  • A steam-powered vehicle.
  • Travel by means of a steam-powered vehicle.
  • (obsolete) Any exhalation.
  • * Milton
  • a steam of rich, distilled perfumes


    * (a steam-powered vehicle) steamer

    Derived terms

    * blow off steam * build up steam * steam bath * steamboat * steam boiler * steam condenser * steam distillation * steam engine * steam hammer * steam heater * steam iron * steam locomotive * steam power * steam-powered * steam railroad * steamroller * steamship * steam shovel * steam train * steam turbine * run out of steam * under one's own steam


    (en verb)
  • (cooking) To cook with steam.
  • To expose to the action of steam; to apply steam to for softening, dressing, or preparing.
  • to steam wood or cloth
  • To produce or vent steam.
  • * Dryden
  • My brother's ghost hangs hovering there, / O'er his warm blood, that steams into the air.
  • To rise in vapour; to issue, or pass off, as vapour.
  • * Boyle
  • The dissolved amber steamed away into the air.
  • (figuratively) To become angry; to fume; to be incensed.
  • (figuratively) To make angry.
  • It really steams me to see her treat him like that.
  • To be covered with condensed water vapor.
  • With all the heavy breathing going on the windows were quickly steamed in the car.
  • To travel by means of steam power.
  • We steamed around the Mediterranean.
  • * N. P. Willis
  • The vessel steamed out of port.
  • (figuratively, or, literally) To move with great or excessive purposefulness.
  • If he heard of anyone picking the fruit he would steam off and lecture them.
  • * {{quote-news
  • , year=2010 , date=December 29 , author=Chris Whyatt , title=Chelsea 1 - 0 Bolton , work=BBC citation , page= , passage=That was the hard work largely done as the Ivorian waited for Malouda to steam into the box before releasing a simple crossed pass which the Frenchman side-footed home with aplomb. }}
  • (obsolete) To exhale.
  • (Spenser)


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    Derived terms

    * steamer * steaming


  • Old-fashioned; from before the digital age.
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  • diesel


    (wikipedia diesel)


  • A fuel derived from petroleum (or other oils) but heavier than gasoline/petrol. Used to power diesel engines which burn this fuel using the heat produced when air is compressed
  • A vehicle powered by a diesel engine
  • (UK, slang) snakebite and black
  • Verb

    (en verb)
  • To ignite a substance by using the heat generated by compression
  • (automotive) For a spark-ignition internal combustion engine to continue running after the electrical current to the spark plugs has been turned off. This occurs when there's enough heat in the combustion chamber to ignite the air/fuel without a spark, the same way heat and pressure cause ignition in a diesel engine.
  • The only reason the VW bug has a solenoid is to prevent it from dieseling .

    Derived terms

    * biodiesel * dieselization * red diesel

    See also

    * diesel engine * diesel knock * derv


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