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(en noun)
  • The act of consulting together formally; serious conversation or discussion; interchange of views.
  • * Shakespeare
  • Nor with such free and friendly conference / As he hath used of old.
  • (politics) A multilateral diplomatic negotiation.
  • (science) A formalized event where scientists present their research results in speeches, workshops, posters or by other means.
  • (business) An event organized by a for-profit or non-profit organization to discuss a pressing issue, such as a new product, market trend or government regulation, with a range of speakers.
  • (sports) A group of sports teams that play each other on a regular basis.
  • (obsolete) The act of comparing two or more things together; comparison.
  • * Hooker
  • helps and furtherances which the mutual conference of all men's collections and observations may afford
  • (Methodist Church) A stated meeting of preachers and others, invested with authority to take cognizance of ecclesiastical matters.
  • A voluntary association of Congregational churches of a district; the district in which such churches are.
  • Derived terms

    * conference table * news conference * press conference * conference room

    See also

    * discussant, lecturer, parleyer, prelector, speaker. The Writing-Rich High School Classroom: Engaging Students in ...


  • (education) To assess (a student) by one-on-one conversation, rather than an examination.
  • * 2009 , Jennifer Berne, The Writing-Rich High School Classroom
  • The students who were conferenced on paper 1 will get a written response to paper 2, and those who received a written response to paper 1 will be conferenced on paper 2.



    Alternative forms

    * dialogue


    (en noun)
  • A conversation or other form of discourse between two or more individuals.
  • :* {{quote-book
  • , year=2008 , year_published= , edition= , editor= , author=Peter Kreeft , title=Between Heaven and Hell: A Dialog Somewhere Beyond Death , chapter= citation , genre= , publisher=InterVarsity Press , isbn=9780830834808 , page=10 , passage=The purpose of the dialog is not historical accuracy; the argument is all, as it is with Plato's Socrates. }}
  • In a dramatic or literary presentation, the verbal parts of the script or text; the verbalizations of the actors or characters.
  • :* {{quote-book
  • , year=2008 , year_published= , edition= , editor= , author=Jay Rose , title=Audio Postproduction for Film and Video , chapter=8 citation , genre=Motion Pictures , publisher=Focal Press , isbn=9780240809717 , page=18- , passage=Besides, a video post room's console is smaller than those used for film, and you couldn't squander a dozen or more channels on dialog . }}
  • A literary form, where the presentation resembles a conversation.
  • * 1475 , Higden's Polychronicon :
  • Seynte Aldelme returnyde to Briteyne..makenge mony noble bookes ... of the rewles of feete metricalle, of metaplasmus, of dialog metricalle.
  • (computing) A dialog box.
  • :* {{quote-book
  • , year=2010 , year_published= , edition= , editor= , author=John Walkenbach , title=Excel 2010 Bible , chapter= citation , genre= , publisher=John Wiley & Sons , isbn=9780470474877 , page=20 , passage=Navigating dialog boxes is generally very easy — you simply click the control you want to activate. }}


    * introspection * monolog * multilog

    Derived terms

    ( conversation or other form of discourse between two or more individuals) * dialogic * dialogical * dialogically * dialogism * dialogist * dialogistic * dialogistically * dialogize * modal dialog


    (en verb)
  • (informal, business) To discuss or negotiate so that all parties can reach an understanding.