Descent vs Descendible - What's the difference?

descent | descendible |

As a noun descent

is an instance of descending.

As an adjective descendible is

(legal) of property, able to pass by descent; inheritable by heirs.




(en noun)
  • An instance of descending
  • We climbed the mountain with difficulty, but the descent was easier.
  • * 2012 , July 15. Richard Williams in Guardian Unlimited, Tour de France 2012: Carpet tacks cannot force Bradley Wiggins off track
  • The next one surrendered his bike, only for that, too, to give him a second flat as he started the descent .
  • A way down.
  • We had difficulty in finding the correct descent .
  • A sloping passage or incline.
  • The descent into the cavern was wet and slippery.
  • Lineage or hereditary derivation
  • Our guide was of Welsh descent .
  • A drop to a lower status or condition.
  • After that, the holiday went into a steep descent .

    Usage notes

    * Sometimes confused with (decent).


    * (going down) ascent






    (en adjective)
  • (legal) Of property, able to pass by descent; inheritable by heirs.
  • Alternative forms

    * descendable

    Derived terms

    * descendibility