Cabal vs Deportment - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between cabal and deportment

is that cabal is a usually secret exclusive organization of individuals gathered for a political purpose while deportment is bearing; manner of presenting oneself:.

As a verb cabal

is to engage in the activities of a.



(wikipedia cabal)


(en noun)
  • A usually secret exclusive organization of individuals gathered for a political purpose.
  • The cabal is plotting to take over the world.
  • A secret plot.
  • The cabal to destroy the building was foiled by federal agents.
  • An identifiable group within the tradition of .
  • * 1965
  • Some episkoposes have a one-man cabal . Some work together. Some never do explain.


    * camarilla * conspiracy

    Derived terms

    * cabalistic * cabbalistic * TINC (there is no cabal)


  • To engage in the activities of a
  • * I believed her to have been carried off by some persons belonging to a party of Jacobites who were known to be caballing against the government, though to what extent was not then ascertained.
  • , title=The king's highway , volume=1 , author=George Payne Rainsford James , year=1840 , page=68-69 , pageurl=
  • v=onepage&q=caballing&f=false}}
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    (en noun)
  • bearing; manner of presenting oneself:
  • :Her deportment impressed her interviewers.
  • * 1922 , (James Joyce), Chapter 13
  • *:...Edy asked what and she was just going to tell her to catch it while it was flying but she was ever ladylike in her deportment so she simply passed it off with consummate tact...
  • conduct; public behavior:
  • :Their deportment changed visibly as the policeman approached.
  • apparent level of schooling or training:
  • :His academic deportment did not match his degree record.
  • self-discipline:
  • :The nun's deportment reflected her vocation.
  • See also

    *comportment, behavior, accord