Dece vs Dene - What's the difference?

dece | dene |

As an adjective dece

is (slang) decent; reasonably good.

As a proper noun dene is

an athabascan people of canada, especially of the northwest territories and nunavut.




(en adjective)
  • (slang) decent; reasonably good
  • * 1993 , "Chris L Concepcion", Re: _Bad Voltage_'' (on newsgroup ''alt.cyberpunk )
  • I'm sorry but this book did not quite move me. Yeah, the slang wuz kewl, the attitude was neat, and the music was dece (if you read the book four years ago) but it's not THE BEST READ I've ever had
  • * 2006 , "[email protected]", Re: Callahan race, post-Regionals'' (on newsgroup '' )
  • Salad and Franchise both played ridiculously well after we took our lead, especially considering the ridiculous conditions of the game. I suppose the rest of Texas was dece as well, good for you



    Etymology 1

    From (etyl), from (etyl) denu


    (en noun)
  • (UK) a valley, especially the deep valley of a stream or rivulet
  • Etymology 2

    Perhaps related to (etyl)


    (en noun)
  • a sand dune by the seashore
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