Glenn vs Dell - What's the difference?

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As a noun glenn

is valley.

As a verb glenn

is .

As a proper noun dell is




Proper noun

(en proper noun)
  • , variant of Glen.
  • , fairly popular in the middle of the 20th century.
  • Quotations

    * 1937 Clara Studer, Sky storming Yankee , Stackpole sons, 1937, page 19: *: The Glen was the prettiest place she knew, so pretty she thought she ought to name her first baby after it. With another "n" added "to make it look more like a name", she called him Glenn Hammond Curtiss. The middle name was taken from the town itself, or its first settler, Lazarus Hammond. *: The whimsy of naming her son after a local landmark was typical of Lua Curtiss. Then too a name like Glenn Hammond Curtiss has sweep and resonance, was much less commonplace than Harry or Jim or Charlie; or Frank, like his father. ----




    (en noun)
  • valley
  • * 1794, , lines 49-50
  • To this day they dwell
    In a lonely dell .
  • * Tickell
  • In dells and dales, concealed from human sight.
  • (obsolete) A young woman; a wench.
  • * Ben Jonson
  • Sweet doxies and dells .


    * dale * dingle * vale * valley * See also