Livery vs Delivery - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between livery and delivery

is that livery is any distinctive identifying uniform worn by a group, such as the uniform worn by chauffeurs and male servants while delivery is the act of conveying something.

As a verb livery

is (archaic) to clothe.



(wikipedia livery)


  • Any distinctive identifying uniform worn by a group, such as the uniform worn by chauffeurs and male servants.
  • *, chapter=7
  • , title= Mr. Pratt's Patients , passage=“I don't know how you and the ‘head,’ as you call him, will get on, but I do know that if you call my duds a ‘livery'’ again there'll be trouble. It's bad enough to go around togged out like a life saver on a drill day, but I can stand that 'cause I'm paid for it. What I won't stand is to have them togs called a ' livery . […]”}}
  • * J. M. Bennett
  • By wearing livery , the brewers publicly expressed guild association and solidarity.
  • The paint scheme of a vehicle or fleet of vehicles.
  • (US) A taxicab or limousine.
  • (legal) The delivery of property from one owner to the next.
  • (legal) The writ by which property is obtained.
  • (historical) The rental of horses or carriages; the rental of canoes; the care and/or boarding of horses for money.
  • * Lowell
  • Pegasus does not stand at livery even at the largest establishment in Moorfields.
  • (historical) A stable that keeps horses or carriages for rental.
  • An allowance of food; a ration, as given out to a family, to servants, to horses, etc.
  • * Cavendish
  • The emperor's officers every night went through the town from house to house whereat any English gentleman did repast or lodge, and served their liveries for all night: first, the officers brought into the house a cast of fine manchet [white bread], and of silver two great post, and white wine, and sugar.
  • Release from wardship; deliverance.
  • * Milton
  • It concerned them first to sue out their livery from the unjust wardship of his encroaching prerogative.
  • A low grade of wool.
  • Derived terms

    * livery stable


  • (archaic) To clothe.
  • He liveried his servants in the most modest of clothing.


    * verily English transitive verbs




  • The act of conveying something.
  • The delivery was completed by four.
    delivery of a nuclear missile to its target
  • The item which has been conveyed.
  • Your delivery is on the table.
  • The act of giving birth
  • The delivery was painful.
  • (baseball) A pitching motion.
  • ''His delivery has a catch in it.
  • (baseball) A thrown pitch.
  • ''Here is the delivery ; ... strike three!
  • The manner of speaking.
  • The actor's delivery was flawless.
  • * 1919 ,
  • I shall not tell what Dr. Coutras related to me in his words, but in my own, for I cannot hope to give at second hand any impression of his vivacious delivery .
  • * {{quote-news
  • , year=2012 , date=June 3 , author=Nathan Rabin , title=TV: Review: THE SIMPSONS (CLASSIC): “Mr. Plow” (season 4, episode 9; originally aired 11/19/1992) citation , page= , passage=Half of the comedy in West’s self-deprecating appearance on “Mr. Plow” comes from the veteran actor’s purring, self-satisfied delivery as he tells a deeply unnerved Bart and Lisa of the newfangled, less groovy cinematic Batman}}
  • (medicine) administration of a drug
  • Drug delivery system .
  • (cricket) A ball .
  • (curling) The process of throwing a stone.
  • Derived terms

    * delivery room * special delivery