Aberration vs Deformation - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between aberration and deformation

is that aberration is aberration (deviation) while deformation is deformation.



(en noun)
  • The act of wandering; deviation from truth, moral rectitude; abnormal; divergence from the straight, correct, proper, normal, or from the natural state.
  • the aberration''' of youth'', '''''aberrations''' from theory'', '''''aberration of character
  • (optics) The convergence to different foci, by a lens or mirror, of rays of light emanating from one and the same point, or the deviation of such rays from a single focus; a defect in a focusing mechanism that prevents the intended focal point.
  • (astronomy) A small periodical change of position in the stars and other heavenly bodies, due to the combined effect of the motion of light and the motion of the observer.
  • A partial alienation of reason.
  • * Lingard:
  • Occasional aberrations of intellect.
  • * I. Taylor:
  • Whims, which at first are the aberrations of a single brain, pass with heat into epidemic form.
  • A mental disorder, especially one of a minor or temporary character.
  • (zoology, botany) Atypical development or structure; deviation from the normal type; an aberrant organ.
  • A deviation of a tissue, organ or mental functions from what is considered to be within the normal range.
  • Derived terms

    * spherical aberration * aberrational






    (en noun)
  • The act of deforming, or state of being deformed.
  • A transformation; change of shape.