Defacement vs Defeature - What's the difference?

defacement | defeature |

As nouns the difference between defacement and defeature

is that defacement is an act of defacing]]; an instance of visibly marring or [[disfigure|disfiguring something while defeature is defeat, overthrow, ruin or defeature can be disfigurement, defacement, deformation.

As a verb defeature is

(lb) to deform.




(en noun)
  • An act of defacing]]; an instance of visibly marring or [[disfigure, disfiguring something.
  • Some consider the defacement of the Sphinx to be the most egregious crime of Napolean's campaigns.
  • An act of voiding or devaluing; nullification of the face value.
  • The soldiers found a variety of creative uses for their payment scrip after its defacement to scrap paper; some used it as toilet paper.
  • (heraldry, vexillology) A symbol added to a flag or coat of arms to change it or make it different from another.
  • Usage notes

    * Defacement generally has negative valence (that is, it is a bad thing), except in heraldry, where it is a neutral term.


    * (act of defacing ): disfiguration, graffiti, obliteration, vandalism * (nullification of face value ): cancellation, devaluation



    Etymology 1


  • Defeat, overthrow, ruin.
  • Etymology 2


  • (lb) To deform.
  • Noun

    (en noun)
  • Disfigurement, defacement, deformation.
  • * (rfdate) , The Comedy of Errors , act ii, scene 1
  • What ruins are in me that can be found, / By him not ruin'd? then is he the ground / of my defeatures .