Program vs Decree - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between program and decree

is that program is program, programme while decree is an edict or law.

As a verb decree is

to command by a decree.



Alternative forms

* programme (see usage notes)


(en noun)
  • A set of structured activities.
  • :
  • A leaflet listing information about a play, game or other activity.
  • :
  • A performance of a show or other broadcast on radio or television.
  • :
  • (lb) A software application, or a collection of software applications, designed to perform a specific task.
  • :
  • A particular mindset or method of doing things.
  • *Ellis in the movie Die Hard
  • *:Come on, John, why don’t you get with the program and tell him where the detonators are?
  • Usage notes

    * Usage of program'' and ''programme : ** US: program is the only spelling normally used. ** UK: programme'' is used in all cases except for computer code, in which case ''program'' is generally used. Older sources may use ''programme for computer code. ** Canada: both program'' and ''programme'' are used, but ''programme is more common. ** Australia: program'' is endorsed by the Australian government, but ''programme is most common. ** New Zealand: programme'' is favoured by New Zealand dictionaries, and is endorsed by government usage; ''program is rarely seen outside the computing meaning.


    * (leaflet): playbill (for a play ) * (software application): application

    Derived terms

    * programme block * program counter * program evaluation and review technique * program guide * program music * program slicer * program trading


  • To enter a program or other instructions into (a computer or other electronic device) to instruct it to do a particular task.
  • * He programmed the DVR to record his favorite show.
  • To develop (software) by writing program code.
  • I programmed a small game as a demonstration.
  • To put together the schedule of an event.
  • * Mary will program Tuesday’s festivities.
  • To cause to automatically behave in a particular way.
  • * The lab rat was programmed to press the lever when the bell rang.
  • decree



    (en noun)
  • An edict or law.
  • * Bible, Luke ii. 1
  • There went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed.
  • * Shakespeare
  • Poor hand, why quiverest thou at this decree ?
  • (legal) The judicial decision in a litigated cause rendered by a court of equity.
  • (legal) The determination of a cause in a court of admiralty or court of probate.
  • Usage notes

    * It is accurate to use the word judgment' for a decision of a '''court of law''', and '''decree''' from a ' court of equity , although the former term now includes both.

    Derived terms

    * (l) * (l) * (l) * (l)


  • To command by a decree.
  • A court decrees a restoration of property.
  • * Bible, Job xxii. 28
  • Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee.