Insisted vs Declared - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between insisted and declared

is that insisted is (insist) while declared is (declare).




  • (insist)
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    Alternative forms

    * ensist


    (en verb)
  • To hold up a claim emphatically.
  • (I am defending her; see a similar example in the context below for comparison.)
  • *
  • , title=(The Celebrity), chapter=5 , passage=But Miss Thorn relieved the situation by laughing aloud,
  • * {{quote-magazine, date=2013-06-22, volume=407, issue=8841, page=70, magazine=(The Economist)
  • , title= Engineers of a different kind , passage=Private-equity nabobs bristle at being dubbed mere financiers. Piling debt onto companies’ balance-sheets is only a small part of what leveraged buy-outs are about, they insist . Improving the workings of the businesses they take over is just as core to their calling, if not more so. Much of their pleading is public-relations bluster.}}
  • To demand continually that something happen or be done.
  • To stand (on); to rest (upon); to lean (upon).
  • * 1709 , Venturus Mandey, Synopsis Mathematica Universalis
  • Angles likewise which insist on the Diameter, are all Right Angles.




  • (declare)

  • declare



  • (obsolete) To make clear, explain, interpret.
  • * 1526 , William Tyndale, trans. Bible , Matthew XV:
  • Then answered Peter and sayd to him: declare unto us thys parable.
  • * Boyle
  • To declare this a little, we must assume that the surfaces of all such bodies are exactly smooth.
  • To make a declaration.
  • To announce one’s support, choice, opinion, etc.
  • He declared him innocent.
  • (cricket) For the captain of the batting side to announce the innings complete even though all batsmen have not been dismissed.
  • To announce something formally or officially.
  • declare bankruptcy
    declare victory
    (cricket) declare (an innings) closed
  • To affirm or state something emphatically.
  • To inform government customs or taxation officials of goods one is importing or of income, expenses, or other circumstances affecting one's taxes.
  • * 1984 , Richard Woodbury and Anastasia Toufexis, " Law: The Trouble with Harry," Time , 2 April:
  • The prosecution has introduced evidence, including canceled checks, to show that the judge failed to declare part of his income.
  • To make outstanding debts, e.g. taxes, payable.
  • (computing) To explicitly include (a variable) as part of a list of variables, often providing some information about the data it is expected to contain.
  • The counter "i" was declared as an integer.

    Derived terms

    * declarant * declaration * declarative * declaratory * declarer * declare war


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