Demon vs Deacon - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between demon and deacon

is that demon is demon while deacon is (church history) a designated minister of charity in the early church (see acts 6:1-6).

As a verb deacon is

(christianity|music) for a choir leader to lead a hymn by speaking one or two lines at a time, which are then sung by the choir.



(wikipedia demon)

Alternative forms

* daemon, (typically only used today for the sense of 'a Greek or Roman godling' ) * daimon (''typically only used in the sense of 'inner spirit' or 'personal guardian')


(en noun)
  • An evil spirit.
  • A fallen angel or Satanic divinity; a false god.
  • One’s inner spirit or genius, a daimon.
  • (Greek mythology, Roman mythology) A genius, a lar, the protective spirit or godling of a place, household, or individual.
  • A foible; a flaw in a person’s character.
  • The demon of stupidity haunts me whenever I open my mouth.
  • Someone of remarkable or diabolical energy or ability.
  • He’s a demon at the card tables.
  • (figurative) Anything with malevolent effects.
  • the demon drink

    Usage notes

    The original Greek and Roman meanings often employ synonyms or the variant spellings daimon' or ' daemon to differentiate them from the more common ecclesiastical sense.


    * See also

    See also

    * imp * succubus * vampire * angel * hell * possession * possessed * dragon * werewolf * devil * larva ----




    (en noun)
  • (Church history) A designated minister of charity in the early Church (see Acts 6:1-6).
  • (Roman Catholicism) A clergyman ranked directly below a priest, with duties of helping the priests and carrying out parish work.
  • (Protestantism) Free Churches : A lay leader of a congregation who assists the pastor.
  • (Protestantism) Anglicanism : An ordained clergyman usually serving a year prior to being ordained presbyter, though in some cases they remain a permanent deacon.
  • (Protestantism) Methodism : A separate office from that of minister, neither leading to the other; instead there is a permanent deaconate.
  • (freemasonry) A junior lodge officer.
  • (Mormonism) The lowest office in the (Aaronic priesthood), generally held by 12 or 13 year old boys or recent converts.
  • (US, animal husbandry) A male calf of a dairy breed, so called because they are usually ed (see below).
  • (Scotland) The chairman of an incorporated company.
  • Derived terms

    * archdeacon * deaconal * deaconate * deaconess * deaconize * deaconry * deacon-seat * subdeacon

    See also

    * (wikipedia "deacon") * diaconate


    (en verb)
  • (Christianity, music) For a choir leader to lead a hymn by speaking one or two lines at a time, which are then sung by the choir.
  • (US, animal husbandry) To kill a calf shortly after birth.
  • (US) To place fresh fruit at the top of a barrel or other container, with spoiled or imperfect fruit hidden beneath.
  • * {{quote-book, 1902, (George Horace Lorimer), Old Gorgon Graham citation
  • , passage=It's like buying a barrel of apples that's been deaconed — after you've found that the deeper you go the meaner and wormier the fruit, you forget all about the layer of big, rosy, wax-finished pippins that was on top.}}


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