Dayer vs Dayee - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between dayer and dayee

is that dayer is (in combination) something lasting a specified number of days while dayee is or dayee can be (rare|india) midwife.

As an interjection dayee is

(australia|dated) an ellipsis of good day.

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(en noun)
  • (in combination) Something lasting a specified number of days.
  • * 1992 , Louisville Automobile Club, American Automobile Association, Home & away in Kentucky (volumes 13-14, page 40)
  • I envy the Marilyn Fishers of the world who have the time — and the money — to embark on 45 cruises, the least of which a seven-dayer .
  • * 1996 , Rayford Clayton Reddell, Full bloom: thoughts from an opinionated gardener (page 66)
  • Blossoms that flower atop willowy weedy stems such as forget-me-nots, delphiniums, and gauras should be thought of as two-dayers ; they don't draw water well or retain preservatives.



    Etymology 1

    Alternative forms

    * day-ee


  • Interjection

    (en interjection)
  • (Australia, dated) An ellipsis of good day.
  • * 1955 , , Cake in the Hat Box , page 4,
  • “Good day ?Un!” he said to the yardman.
    Day-ee', Jasper!” replied 'Un. “' Day-ee , Silas! How?s things?”
    * g'day

    Etymology 2


    (en noun)
  • (rare, India) midwife
  • * 1855 , North-Western Provinces, India, Selections from the Records of Government , Volume 3, page 184,
  • The custom now actually and thoroughly established, and daily practised in these villages, is the following : — On the occasion of a birth in a Thakoor family, the village dayee is summoned, and after her services have been completed, she reports the occurrence to her relative, the bullahur ; he informs the chowkeedar, who causes the necessary entry to be made in the putwaree?s diary, and, if the birth be of a girl, reports the event to the thannah.