Abomination vs Curruption - What's the difference?

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Abomination is a related term of curruption.



Alternative forms

* abhomination (obsolete) * abominacioun (obsolete)


(en noun)
  • An abominable act; a disgusting vice; a despicable habit.
  • The feeling of extreme disgust and hatred; abhorrence; detestation; loathing.
  • (obsolete) A state that excites detestation or abhorrence; pollution.
  • That which is abominable, shamefully vile; an object that excites disgust and hatred; very often with religious undertones.
  • * Antony, most large in his abominations . Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra, III-vi
  • Synonyms

    * detestation * loathing * abhorrence * disgust * aversion * loathsomeness * odiousness


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