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As a proper noun norm

is .

As a noun criteria is




Etymology 1

From (etyl) norme, from (etyl), from (etyl) .


(en noun) (wikipedia norm)
  • That which is regarded as normal or typical.
  • Unemployment is the norm in this part of the country.
  • * {{quote-news
  • , year=2011 , date=December 16 , author=Denis Campbell , title=Hospital staff 'lack skills to cope with dementia patients' , work=Guardian citation , page= , passage="This shocking report proves once again that we urgently need a radical shake-up of hospital care," said Jeremy Hughes, chief executive of the Alzheimer's Society. "Given that people with dementia occupy a quarter of hospital beds and that many leave in worse health than when they were admitted, it is unacceptable that training in dementia care is not the norm ."}}
  • A rule that is enforced by members of a community.
  • Not eating your children is just one of those societal norms .
  • (philosophy, computer science) A sentence with non-descriptive meaning, such as a command, permission or prohibition.
  • (mathematics) A function, generally denoted v\mapsto\left, v\right, or v\mapsto\left\, v\right\, , that maps vectors to non-negative scalars and has the following properties:
  • # if v\ne0 then \left\, v\right\, \ne0;
  • # given a scalar k, \left\, kv\right\, =\left, k\right, \cdot\left\, v\right\, , where \left, k\right, is the absolute value of k;
  • # given two vectors v,w, \left\, v+w\right\, \le\left\, v\right\, +\left\, w\right\, (the triangle inequality).
  • (chess) A high level of performance in a chess tournament, several of which are required for a player to receive a title.
  • Hyponyms
    * (mathematics) absolute value, p -adic absolute value, trivial absolute value
    Derived terms
    * * * absolute norm * adnorm * age norm * Banach norm * basic norm * Bombieri norm * Chebyshev norm * complex norm * copynorm * * Cr -norm * cross norm * Dedekind-Hasse norm * dual norm * ethical norm * Euclidean matrix norm * Euclidean norm * Euclidean vector norm * exonorm * extended norm * field norm * flat norm * four-vector norm * Frobenius matrix norm * Frobenius norm * Frobenius norm function * grandmaster norm * graph norm * Hardy norm * Hilbert-Schmidt norm * ideological norm * induced norm * ?-norm * integral flat norm * * * L-infinity norm * mass norm * matrix F -norm * matrix norm * matrix p -norm * maximum absolute row column norm * maximum absolute row sum norm * maximum norm * metric induced by a norm * minimum norm property * Minkowski norm * moral norm * natural norm * normable * normed * norm form * norm function * normic form * normie * normless * normlessness * norm of an ideal * norm of communism * norm of disinterestedness * norm of organized skepticism * norm of reaction * norm of reciprocity * norm of universalism * norm-referenced * norm-referencing * norm-residue * norm resolvent convergence * norm theorem * nuclear norm * operator norm * p -adic norm * peremptory norm * p -norm * polynomial bar norm * polynomial bracket norm * polynomial norm * pseudonorm * quaternion norm * reduced norm * regular norm * relative norm * semi-norm, seminorm * sexual norm * social norm * spectral norm * spinor norm * spinorial norm * statistical norm * subordinate norm * sup norm, sup-norm * supremum norm * tobacco-free social norm * T-norm, t-norm * trace norm * uniform norm * vector norm * vector p -norm

    Etymology 2


    (en verb)
  • (analysis) To endow (a vector space, etc) with a norm.
  • Derived terms
    * norming

    See also

    * normalize, normalise


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  • * (seeCites)
  • (nonstandard, proscribed) A single criterion.
  • * (seeCites)
  • Usage notes

    * The word criteria'' is often treated as singular or even uncountable, but these uses are usually still considered incorrect; the standard singular form is ''criterion''. The standard and most common plural form is ''criteria''; less common is ''criterions''. Merriam-Webster]: "The plural ''criteria'' has been used as a singular for over half a century . Many of our examples, like the two foregoing, are taken from speech. But singular ''criteria'' is not uncommon in edited prose, and its use both in speech and writing seems to be increasing. Only time will tell whether it will reach the unquestioned acceptability of ''agenda''."[ American Heritage: "Like the analogous etymological plurals ''agenda'' and ''data'', ''criteria is widely used as a singular form. Unlike them, however, it is not yet acceptable in that use."

    Derived terms

    * criterial