Fanny vs Crappy - What's the difference?

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As a noun fanny

is (british|irish|australia|nz|south african|vulgar) the female genitalia or fanny can be (uk|naval slang) mess kettle or cooking pot.

As an adjective crappy is

(chiefly|north america|colloquial|mildly|vulgar) of very poor quality; unpleasant; distasteful.



Alternative forms

* (l)

Proper noun

(en proper noun)
  • * 1883 , Heart and Science , Chatto and Windus, page 227:
  • "My name is Frances. Don't call me Fanny'!" "Why not?" "Because it's too absurd to be endured! What does the mere sound of ' Fanny suggest? A flirting dancing creature - plump and fair, and playful and pretty!"




  • (chiefly, North America, colloquial, mildly, vulgar) Of very poor quality; unpleasant; distasteful.
  • That is such a crappy car.
    The referee just made a really crappy call.
    ''The food there used to be good but now it's crappy .
  • Bad, sick, or depressed.
  • I'm feeling really crappy - I think I need some fresh air.
  • (chiefly, North America, colloquial, mildly, vulgar) Covered in crap (faeces/feces).
  • Put the crappy diapers in the blue pail and the wet ones in the yellow pail.

    Alternative forms

    * crap (chiefly, UK)

    Usage notes

    * Nouns to which "crappy" is often applied: job, day, weather, thing, food, movie, apartment, life, service, mood, hotel, car, phone, town, product, attitude, software, household goods.


    * (covered in crap) shitty, poopy * (of very poor quality) shitty, lousy, tatty