Illiberality vs Covetousness - What's the difference?

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Illiberality is a related term of covetousness.

As nouns the difference between illiberality and covetousness

is that illiberality is (uncountable) the condition of being illiberal while covetousness is immoderate desire for the possession of something, especially for wealth.




  • (uncountable) The condition of being illiberal
  • (countable) An illiberal word or action
  • covetousness



  • Immoderate desire for the possession of something, especially for wealth.
  • * 1588: La Placette, Jean Of the Incurable Scepticism of the Church of Rome
  • He which will yield to Fear. mu?t nece??arily yield to Covetou?ne?s or any inordinate De?ire.
  • * 1661: Johnson, J. The morning-exercise at Cripple-gate
  • Covetou?ne?s is the yelow Jaundice of the foul, which ari?es from the over-flowing of the heart with love to yellow gold, by which a Chri?tian is dull'd and deadned.
  • * 1815: Lavington, Samuel Sermons and other discourses, Volume 1
  • Covetousness prevents all good, and is and inlet and encouragement to evil.
  • * 1976: Ellul, Jacques The Ethics of Freedom page 134
  • In obvious compensation and opposition the fear of nothingness becomes the source of covetousness ...


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