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Countrygirl vs Cowgirl - What's the difference?

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Countrygirl is likely misspelled.

Countrygirl has no English definition.

As a noun cowgirl is

a woman who tends free-range cattle, especially in the American West.

As a verb cowgirl is

to work as a cowgirl, herding cattle.




(en noun)
  • a woman who tends free-range cattle, especially in the American West.
  • a woman who identifies with cowboy culture, including clothing such as the cowboy hat.
  • a playing card of queen rank.
  • A sex position where the woman is on top; cowgirl position.
  • Synonyms

    * (sex position) woman-on-top

    Coordinate terms

    * cowboy


    * cowhand * cowperson * cowpoke


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    (en verb)
  • (rare) To work as a cowgirl, herding cattle.
  • * 1998 , Linda M. Hasselstrom, Gaydell Collier, Nancy Curtis, Leaning Into the Wind: Women Write from the Heart of the West
  • She also cowgirled and hired out to do ranch and timber work.
  • * 2007 , American Cowboy (volume 13, number 5, Jan-Feb 2007, page 56)
  • Only 250 miles down the road a reclusive beauty named Joann Brebner was living the bucolic life, cowgirling , helping out at her family's remote ranch-based resort.