Restraining vs Costive - What's the difference?

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Restraining is a related term of costive.

As a verb restraining

is .

As a noun restraining

is the act by which someone or something is restrained.

As an adjective costive is





  • Noun

    (en noun)
  • The act by which someone or something is restrained.
  • * George Meredith
  • She had the privilege of a soul beyond our minor rules and restrainings to speak her wishes to the true wife of a mock husband—no husband; less a husband than this shadow of a woman a wife, she said;




  • constipated
  • miserly, parsimonious
  • Quotations

    ; constipated (figurative) * 2005 , , Bloomsbury Publishing, paperback edition, page 346: *: Melanie, who was used to Wani's costive memos, and even to dressing up the gist of a letter in her own words, stuck out her tongue in concentration as she took down Nick's old-fashioned periods and perplexing semicolons.