Oopsy vs Copsy - What's the difference?

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As an interjection oopsy

is diminutive form of oops .

As an adjective copsy is

characterized by copses.



Alternative forms

* oopsie


(en interjection)
  • Diminutive form of oops .
  • * 1992 , Armistead Maupin, Maybe the Moon
  • "Oopsy ..." She grabbed the wheel and made a quick recovery. "Sorry."
  • * 2001 , Piers Anthony, The Dastard
  • Then she heard the baying. "What's that?" "I fear it's a werewolf pack on the hunt." That she understood. "Oopsy !" She flapped her arms harder...
  • * 2007 , Jeff Rowland, The Reel Adventures of a Marion County Angler
  • The woman then looked directly at the angler and sweetly said, "Oopsy ." She then bent over and deposited his jigs into her tackle bag.




    (en adjective)
  • Characterized by copses.
  • Copsy villages.
    Copsy banks.
    (Webster 1913)