Inverse vs Conversion - What's the difference?

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As a verb inverse

is .

As an adjective inverse

is inverted.

As a noun conversion is





  • Opposite in effect or nature or order
  • reverse, opposite in order
  • (botany) Inverted; having a position or mode of attachment the reverse of that which is usual.
  • (mathematics) Having the properties of an inverse; said with reference to any two operations, which, when both are performed in succession upon any quantity, reproduce that quantity.
  • Multiplication is the inverse operation to division.
  • (linguistics, Kiowa-Tanoan) A grammatical number marking that indicates the opposite grammatical number (or numbers) of the default number specification of noun class.
  • (category theory) A morphism which is both a left inverse and a right inverse.
  • Derived terms

    * inverse function * inversely


    (en noun)
  • The opposite of a given, due to contrary nature or effect.
  • :: ''Deposing is the inverse of installing, and vice versa
  • The reverse version of a procedure.
  • Removing one's shoes is the inverse of putting one's shoes on
  • (mathematics) The inverse of an element x'' with respect to a binary operation is an element that when combined with ''x yields the appropriate identity element.
  • The additive inverse of x is -x as, x + -x = 0 where 0 is the additive identity element.
    The multiplicative inverse of x is x-1 as, x * x-1 = 1 where 1 is the multiplicative identity element.
    ''The compositional inverse of a function f is f–1 as, f f–1 is the identity function (ie f–1(f(a)) = a for all a).
  • (logic) A statement constructed from the negatives of the premise and conclusion of some other statement: ~p ? ~q is the inverse of p ? q.
  • Verb

  • (surveying) To compute the bearing and distance between two points.
  • Antonyms

    * compute (a point).


    * ----




    (en noun)
  • The act of converting something or someone.
  • His conversion to Islam
    The conversion of the database from ASCII to Unicode
  • * Francis Bacon
  • Artificial conversion of water into ice.
  • (computing) A software product converted from one platform to another.
  • * 1988 , Crash (issue 59, December 1988)
  • Mike Follin also programmed the Spectrum version of The Sentinel'' (97%, Issue 40), and the excellent coin-op conversions ''Bubble Bobble'' (90%, Issue 45) and ''Bionic Commando (92%, Issue 53).
  • (chemistry) A chemical reaction wherein a substrate is transformed into a product.
  • (rugby) A free-kick, after scoring a try, worth two points.
  • (American football) An extra point scored by kicking a field goal after scoring a touchdown.
  • (marketing) An online advertising performance metric representing a visitor performing whatever the intended result of an ad is defined to be.
  • (legal) Under the common law, the tort of the taking of someone's personal property with intent to permanently deprive them of it, or damaging property to the extent that the owner is deprived of the utility of that property, thus making the tortfeasor liable for the entire value of the property.
  • the conversion of a horse
  • * Hudibras
  • Or bring my action of conversion / And trover for my goods.
  • (linguistics) The process whereby a new word is created without changing the form, often by allowing the word to function as a new part of speech.
  • (obsolete) The act of turning round; revolution; rotation.
  • (logic) The act of interchanging the terms of a proposition, as by putting the subject in the place of the predicate, or vice versa.
  • (math) A change or reduction of the form or value of a proposition.
  • the conversion''' of equations; the '''conversion of proportions


    * deconversion

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