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  • To tell in a descriptive way.
  • To give an association.
  • To make a connection or correlation from one thing to another.
  • * 2002 , Paul Light, Karen Littleton, Learning with Computers: Analysing Productive Interactions (page 92)
  • The use of video made it possible to relate' the talk to the answers given to particular problems in the test. With this research design it was possible to ' relate changes in test score measures to changes in linguistic features
  • To have a connection.
  • I find it difficult to relate to others because i'm extremely introverted .
  • To interact.
  • To respond through reaction.
  • To identify with, understand.
  • (obsolete) To bring back; to restore.
  • * Spenser
  • Abate your zealous haste, till morrow next again / Both light of heaven and strength of men relate .


    * chronicle * describe * divulge * recount * state


    Not English

    Interelate has no English definition. It may be misspelled.

    English words similar to 'interelate':

    interweave, interwove, intertwine, intercourse, intractable, interplate, intersperse, intervene, immoderate, interpolate, interface, intermingle, interline, interstice, introduce, interlude, interfere, interviewee, intricate, intracase, interrogate, intrusive, internecine, interchange, intracule, intercede, intervise, intercalate, interpose, interstate, interactive, internalize, interlace, internode, interspace, interleave, interphase, intrigante, interoffice, interzine, intermise, interclude, intermeddle, interpone, intrastate, interlope, interfile, interrelate, interdine, interactome, interstage, intrapore, intervenue, intertitle, intervenose, intersample, intraphase, intraplate, intervolve, interframe, intraframe, internalise, intraclade, interleague, interpulse, interdune, interjudge, interspike, intersite, interridge, intergrase, intricable, interforce, interiorize, interminate, interposure, intergrade, interfuse, intermale, intercaste, intertube, intercycle, intracycle, interscale, interplane, intrapulse, intrasite, intramode, intersphere, interstroke, intracrine, interfluve, internecive, intreasure, inutterable, intraleague, interscribe, intermediae, intraoffice, intercave, indurable, intersilite, imiterite, inderborite, intercome, innutritive, interdome, intertangle, interpledge, intreatance, interpause, indurance, intractile, interlapse, indorsable, immateriate, interplace, intermede, interpale, intreatable, inthronize, intermine, introsume, interwave, intergene, inturbidate, inodorate, interclose, interduce, interphone, interlexeme, intervale, intermate, intercase, interlake, interclade, interphrase, introducee