Constantly vs Unchanging - What's the difference?

constantly | unchanging |

As a adverb constantly

is (archaic) with steadfastness; with resolve; in loyalty, faithfully.

As a adjective unchanging is

remaining constantly unchanged.

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Alternative forms

* constantlie * constauntly


(en adverb)
  • (archaic) With steadfastness; with resolve; in loyalty, faithfully.
  • * , I.iv.1:
  • Agrippa and the rest of his weeping friends earnestly besought himnot to offer violence unto himself, ‘with a settled resolution he desired again they would approve of his good intent, and not seek to dehort him from it’; and so constantly died.
  • In a constant manner; occurring continuously; persistently.
  • (frequency) Recurring regularly.
  • I find that I am constantly reminding you to feed your pets.
  • In an unchangeable or invariable manner; in every case.
  • unchanging



    (en adjective)
  • remaining constantly unchanged