Conjurer vs Magus - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between conjurer and magus

is that conjurer is one who conjures, a magician while magus is (common usage) magician, and derogatorily sorcerer, trickster, conjurer, charlatan.



Alternative forms

* conjuror * conjurour (qualifier)


(en noun)
  • One who conjures, a magician.
  • * July 18 2012 , Scott Tobias, AV Club The Dark Knight Rises [,82624/]
  • With his crude potato-sack mask and fear-inducing toxins, The Scarecrow, a “psychopharmacologist” at an insane asylum, acts as a conjurer of nightmares, capable of turning his patients’ most terrifying anxieties against them.
  • * 1594' ''His incivility confirms no less. Good Doctor Pinch, you are a '''conjurer ; Establish him in his true sense again, And I will please you what you will demand.'' — Shakespeare, ''A Comedy of Errors , Act 4, Scene 4.
  • One who performs parlor tricks, sleight of hand.
  • * 1893' ''The man is by trade a '''conjurer and performer, going round the canteens after nightfall, and giving a little entertainment at each. — Arthur Conan Doyle, "The Adventure of the Crooked Man".
  • One who conjures; one who calls, entreats, or charges in a solemn manner.
  • (obsolete) One who conjectures shrewdly or judges wisely; a man of sagacity.
  • (Addison)




  • (common usage) magician, and derogatorily sorcerer, trickster, conjurer, charlatan
  • (special usage) a Zoroastrian priest
  • : Note : the two meanings overlap in classical usage— both derive from the Greco-Roman identification of "Zoroaster" as the "inventor" of astrology and magic. The first meaning ('magician') derives from the sense of "practitioner of the Zoroaster's craft", and the second meaning ('priest') from the sense of "practitioner of Zoroaster's religion".


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