Summit vs Congress - What's the difference?

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As a noun summit

is (countable) a peak; the top of a mountain.

As a verb summit

is (transitive|hiking|climbing|colloquial) to reach the summit of a mountain.

As a proper noun congress is

the two legislative bodies of the united states: the house of representatives, and the senate.




(en noun)
  • (countable) A peak; the top of a mountain.
  • In summer, it is possible to hike to the summit of Mt. Shasta.
  • (countable) A gathering or assembly of leaders.
  • They met for an international summit on environmental issues.

    Usage notes

    Colloquially summit' is used for only the highest point of a mountain, while in mountaineering any point that is higher than surrounding points is a '''summit , such as the South Summit of (Mount Everest). These are distinguished by (topographic prominence) as ''subsummits'' (low prominence) or ''independent summits (high prominence).


    * acme, apex, peak, zenith

    Derived terms

    * (l) * (l)


  • (transitive, hiking, climbing, colloquial) To reach the summit of a mountain.
  • * 2012 , Kenza Moller, "Eyes on the North," Canadian Geographic , vol. 132, no. 4 (July/Aug.) p. 10:
  • Of the range's 12 peaks, Mount Saskatchewan is the only one that has yet to be summited .


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  • (archaic) A coming-together of two or more people; a meeting.
  • *, New York Review of Books, 2001, p.48:
  • After some little repast, he went to see Democritus […]. The multitude stood gazing round about to see the congress .
  • A formal gathering or assembly; a conference held to discuss or decide on a specific question.
  • (often capitalized: Congress ) A legislative body of a state, originally the bicameral legislature of the United States of America.
  • An association, especially one consisting of other associations or representatives of interest groups.
  • The National Congress of American Indians
  • Coitus]]; [[sexual intercourse, Sexual intercourse.
  • Synonyms

    * (legislative body) assembly, legislature, parliament * (association) federation

    Derived terms

    * congressional, congressionally * congressman * congress gaiter, congress shoe * Congress Party