Cast_up vs Condense - What's the difference?

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Cast_up is a related term of condense.

As verbs the difference between cast_up and condense

is that cast_up is to wash something onto the shore while condense is .

As an adjective condense is





  • To wash something onto the shore.
  • To compute. (rfex)
  • *1913 ,
  • *:He hated her as she bent forward and pored over his things. He hated her way of patiently casting him up , as if he were an endless psychological account.
  • To bring up as a reproach.
  • condense


    Alternative forms

    * condence


  • To decrease size or volume by concentration toward the essence.
  • An abridged dictionary can be further condensed to pocket size.
    Boiling off water condenses a thin sauce into a soupier mixture.
  • To make more close, compact, or dense; to compress or concentrate.
  • * Milton
  • In what shape they choose, / Dilated or condensed , bright or obscure.
  • * Motley
  • The secret course pursued at Brussels and at Madrid may be condensed into the usual formula, dissimulation, procrastination, and again dissimulation.
  • (chemistry) To transform from a gaseous state into a liquid state via condensation.
  • Synonyms

    * (to decrease size or volume) minify


    * extend * magnify


    (en adjective)
  • (archaic) Condensed; compact; dense.
  • The huge condense bodies of planets. — Bentley.