Confidence vs Compete - What's the difference?

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As a noun confidence

is passive self-assurance.

As a verb compete is




  • Passive self-assurance.
  • Expression or feeling of certainty.
  • The quality of trusting.
  • Information held in secret.
  • Quotations

    * {{quote-book, year=2006, author= , title=Internal Combustion , chapter=1 citation , passage=But electric vehicles and the batteries that made them run became ensnared in corporate scandals, fraud, and monopolistic corruption that shook the confidence of the nation and inspired automotive upstarts.}} * 1956 — , The City and the Stars , p 39 *: Khedron hesitated for a moment, wondering how far he should take Jeserac into his confidence . He knew that Jeserac was kindly and well-intentioned, but he also knew that he must be bound by the same taboos that controlled everyone on Diaspar.


    * (self-assurance ): fear

    Derived terms

    * confidence interval * confidence level * confidence trick



    (Webster 1913)


  • To contend emulously; to seek or strive for the same thing, position, or reward for which another is striving; to contend in rivalry, as for a prize or in business; as, tradesmen compete with one another.
  • Usage notes

    A person will compete for'' a prize received for winning a competition. Two or more persons ''compete against'' one another if they are rivals. Two or more persons can ''compete with'' each other as teammates, however ''compete with'' is also used to indicate two persons ''competing against each other.

    Derived terms

    * competitor * competition * noncompete