Solly vs Colly - What's the difference?

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As adjectives the difference between solly and colly

is that solly is while colly is (british|dialect) black as coal.

As a verb colly is

(archaic) to make black, as with coal.

As a noun colly is

(british|dialect) soot.




  • * {{quote-book, year=1902, author=Herbert Allen Giles, title=China and the Chinese, chapter=, edition= citation
  • , passage=Some years back, when I was leaving China for England with young children, their faithful Chinese nurse kept on repeating to the little ones the following remarkable sentence, "My too muchey solly' you go steamah; you no ' solly my." }}
  • * {{quote-book, year=1908, author=Ethel Turner, title=In the Mist of the Mountains, chapter=, edition= citation
  • , passage="I'm solly'," he said; then he seemed to realize more clearly that the lady's honour had to be vindicated before all these "girls," and he repeated more loudly and without being asked, "I'm velly ' solly ." }}






  • (British, dialect) black as coal
  • -


  • (archaic) to make black, as with coal
  • * Ben Jonson
  • Thou hast not collied thy face enough.
  • * Shakespeare
  • Brief as the lighting in the collied night.
  • *
  • Noun

  • (British, dialect) Soot.
  • (Burton)
  • (British, dialect) A blackbird
  • (dated)
  • * {{quote-book
  • , year=1833 , author=William Craig Brownlee , title=The Whigs of Scotland: Or, The Last of the Stuarts, vol. 2 , page=30 citation , passage=Can a Whig lick the feet o' the tyrant wha usurps oor Lord's throne, and accept o' ane indulgence frae him, hurled to him as a bane to a colly dog , binding himself to think as he thinks, and to preach as he wulls it; and to flatter tyranny in church and state, to win a paltry boon!}}
  • * {{quote-book
  • , year=1847 , author=Thomas Miller , title=The Boy's Country Book , page=80 citation , passage=On the moors and mountains of Scotland the shepherd sends out his colly with the sheep, far out of his sight, conscious that when he sets out to look for them, they will be found herded safely together.}}
  • * {{quote-book
  • , year=1861 , author=Francis Galton , title=Vacation Tourists and Notes of Travel in 1860 citation , page=139 , passage=Colly dog's early training is a rude one, but I think that it is mutual, and that the shepherd picks up a good deal of dog during the process. , }}

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