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As nouns the difference between bobwhite and colin

is that bobwhite is any one of four species of quail in the genus colinus , of the bird family odontophoridae, limited to the americas while colin is hake, coalfish.

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(Bobwhite Quail) (en noun)
  • Any one of four species of quail in the genus Colinus , of the bird family Odontophoridae, limited to the Americas.
  • Derived terms

    * crested bobwhite * northern bobwhite * spot-bellied bobwhite * Yucatan bobwhite



    Alternative forms

    * Collin

    Proper noun

    (en-proper noun) ( plural Colins )
  • * : VI:x:16:
  • That iolly shepheard, which there piped, was / Poore Colin' Clout (who knowes not ' Colin Clout?)
  • * 1992 Howard B. Means, Colin Powell , Donald J. Fine (1992), ISBN 1556113358, page 49:
  • "My parents," Powell wrote, "were British subjects, and they named me Colin' (KAH-lin). Being British, they knew very well how the name was supposed to be pronounced. But when I was a young boy, there was a famous American World War II hero whose name became very popular in the streets of New York City. He was Capt. ' Colin P. Kelly Jr. He was called KOH-lin. My friends in the streets of the South Bronx, who heard Captain Kelly's name pronounced in the radio and by their parents and other adults, began to refer to me by the same pronunciation.
  • Usage notes

    * Popular given name in the U.K. in the mid-twentieth century.