Cocking vs Cockling - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between cocking and cockling

is that cocking is while cockling is .

As nouns the difference between cocking and cockling

is that cocking is (archaic) the hunting of gamecocks while cockling is a young, small, or immature cock.

As an adjective cocking

is (vulgar) offensive or worthless.

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  • Noun

  • (archaic) The hunting of gamecocks.
  • (obsolete) Cockfighting.
  • * 1792 , The European Magazine, and London Review (volume 21, page 313)
  • Thus circumstanced, he became the avowed companion of sharpers and gamblers, attended cockings and races

    Derived terms

    * cocker, cocker spaniel


  • (vulgar) offensive or worthless
  • * 2000 , Neil Kurtzman, Doing Nothing (page 180)
  • "Son of a cocking bastard."



    Etymology 1

    From .


  • Etymology 2

    From .


    (en noun)
  • A young, small, or immature cock.
  • *1725 , Sir Philip Sidney, The works of the Honourable Sir Philip Sidney :
  • These cocklings cocker'd we bewail too late, When that we see our off-spring gaily bent, Women manwood, and men effeminate.
  • *1858 , The Knickerbocker: or, New-York monthly magazine - Volume 54 - Page 521:
  • Take warning in time, cocklings ; look sharp — but not in this direction, if you please.'
  • *1920 , The Pennsylvania magazine of history and biography - Volume 44 - Page 74:
  • 'That ere our pretty Cocklings learn to crow, To pamper Lust they must to Market go?