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Alternative forms

* set


(en noun)
  • The system of tunnels that is the home of a badger.
  • The pattern of distinctive threads and yarns that make up the plaid of a Scottish tartan.
  • A small, square-cut piece of quarried stone used for paving and edging.
  • * 1911 , Encyclop√¶dia Britannica ,
  • Very durable grey granite has been quarried near Aberdeen for more than 300 years, and blocked and dressed paving "setts ," kerb and building stones, and monumental and other ornamental work of granite have long been exported from the district to all parts of the world.
  • * 1912 , Joseph Conrad, A Personal Record ,
  • Three horses trotted abreast, with the clatter of hoofs on the granite setts , and the yellow, uproarious machine jolted violently behind them, [...]
  • * 1920 , D.H.Lawrence, Women in Love ,
  • The old market-square was not very large, a mere bare patch of granite setts , usually with a few fruit-stalls under a wall.
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