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Slipt vs Clipt - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between slipt and clipt

is that slipt is past tense of slip while clipt is past tense of clip.




  • (archaic) (slip)
  • * 1843 , '', book 2, ch. 6, ''Monk Samson
  • […] Once, slipping the money clandestinely, just in the act of taking leave, he slipt it not into her hand but on the floor, and another had it;


    * * ----



    Alternative forms

    * clipped


  • (clip)

  • clip


    Etymology 1

    From (etyl) clyppan, from (etyl) .


  • To grip tightly.
  • To fasten with a clip.
  • Please clip the photos to the pages where they will go.
  • (archaic) To hug, embrace.
  • * Shakespeare
  • O that Neptune's arms, who clippeth thee about, / Would bear thee from the knowledge of thyself.
    {{quote-Fanny Hill, part=5 , When we had sufficiently graduated our advances towards the main point, by toying, kissing, clipping , feeling my breasts, now round and plump, feeling that part of me I might call a furnace-mouth, from the prodigious intense heat his fiery touches had rekindled there, my young sportsman, embolden'd by every freedom he could wish, wantonly takes my hand, and carries it to that enormous machine of his}}
  • (slang) To collect signatures, generally with the use of a clipboard.
  • Noun

    (en noun)
  • Something which clips or grasps; a device for attaching one object to another.
  • Use this clip to attach the check to your tax form.
  • (slang) An unspecified but normally understood as rapid speed or pace.
  • She reads at a pretty good clip .
  • (obsolete) An embrace.
  • (Sir Philip Sidney)
  • A frame containing a number of bullets which is intended to be inserted into the magazine of a firearm to allow for rapid reloading.
  • A projecting flange on the upper edge of a horseshoe, turned up so as to embrace the lower part of the hoof; a toe clip or beak.
  • (Youatt)
    Derived terms
    * binder clip * paper clip

    Etymology 2

    Probably from (etyl) klippa.


  • To cut, especially with scissors or shears as opposed to a knife etc.
  • She clipped my hair with her scissors.
    Please clip that coupon out of the newspaper.
  • * Macaulay
  • sentenced to have his ears clipped
  • To curtail; to cut short.
  • * Shakespeare
  • All my reports go with the modest truth; / No more nor clipped , but so.
  • * Jonathan Swift
  • In London they clip their words after one manner about the court, another in the city, and a third in the suburbs.
  • (dialectal, informal) To strike with the hand.
  • I'll clip ye round the lugs!
  • (American football) An illegal tackle: Throwing the body across the back of an opponent's leg or hitting him from the back below the waist while moving up from behind unless the opponent is a runner or the action is in close line play.
  • (signal processing) to cut off a signal level at a certain maximum value
  • (computer graphics) To discard (an occluded part of a model or scene) rather than waste resources on rendering it.
  • Noun

  • Something which has been clipped; a small portion of a larger whole, especially an excerpt of a larger work.
  • They played a clip of last night's debate.
  • An act of clipping, such as a haircut.
  • I went into the salon to get a clip .
  • The product of a single shearing of sheep; a season's crop of wool.
  • (uncountable, informal) A speed or pace.
  • He was walking at a pretty good clip and I was out of breath trying to keep up.
  • (uncountable, Geordie) The condition of something, its state.
  • Deeky the clip of that aad wife ower thor!
  • (informal) A blow with the hand.
  • Give him a clip round the ear!


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