Clavies vs Clavis - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between clavies and clavis

is that clavies is while clavis is (archaeology) a roman key.

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  • clavis



  • (archaeology) A Roman key.
  • * 1873', "Proceedings", April 9th, ''Journal of the British Archaeological Association'', ' 29 : 202
  • Iron clavis , the solid web-shaped at the edges to fit the wards in the lock, and having a pointed broach and a kite-formed looped haft.
  • A device for restraint of the hands.
  • * 1904', Luther V. Bell, quoted in ''The Arena'', ' 32 : 540
  • His hands were restrained by means of a clavis'' and ''bolt (of iron), appropriated to each wrist, and united by a padlock.
  • A glossary.
  • * 1784 , William Cowper, in'' [1836] Robert Southey (ed.), ''The Works of William Cowper, with a Life of the Author , volume V, page 54
  • Homer, with a clavis , I have had possession of some years.
  • (biology) A key; an identification guide; a series of logically organized groups of discriminating information which aims to allow the user to correctly identify a taxon.
  • * 1921', ''Journal of Botany'' ' 59 : 180
  • There are many disadvantages in using a clavis intended for another country, which necessarily includes plants that are absent from our islands while it omits some that are present and neglects the peculiarities of our island flora.


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